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Passionate to Inspiring Others

It was not long ago that Davy Liu was resting comfortably at the pinnacle of success, or so it seemed by all Hollywood measures. As a renowned animator and storyteller with Disney, Lucas Film and Warner Brothers Studios, Davy set

his heart on winning what everyone in Tinsel Town seeks:

The Oscar.

Then came the revelation: Genuine success was a goal that

could not be achieved if victory was to be measured

using a largely meaningless scale, no matter how

shiny or how kingly its appearance. Davy realized

that real victory meant serving the King of Kings

and Lord of Lords. He understood his gifts

were not meant for winning The Oscar but for

something much more significant. Davy’s

real victory was to be found in winning souls

for Christ. This realization changed everything.

Davy founded Kendu Kid in 2019. His

compass now points our kids toward

children’s stories and animated films

that promote wholesome values,

kindness and cooperation.


Davy has written a series of bible stories from animal's point of view. As a Christian artist, illustrator, animator, and storyteller with a vision to bring Bible- based stories of faith and hope to children and families with the highest quality of creative content through media, technology, and films to impact a post-modern culture with God's truth and, at the same time, to spread the message that everyone matters to God.

Davy has published —The Invisible Tails Series: a series of Bible stories from the animals’ perspectives which allowed him to reach many children and families everywhere, including countries where Bibles are not welcome. Find out more at our SHOP......

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Keynote speaker

Inspiring TED speaker and Disney animator who teaches kids how to have fun also speaks to schools, churches and organizations around the world.

Davy Liu was a former Disney animator who was a key part of the creative team behind classic films such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, and Star Wars. He realized that each individual’s inspiration is what gives purpose to our every breath. No matter what our roles are, we all need to be reminded that we are uniquely created by God.


Davy has spoken at more than 1,500 church services, college campuses, conferences, and corporate events including: TED Talk, EO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, YMCA, Biola, World Vision, Amway, and Procter & Gamble.


Davy is a keynote speaker who talks about inspiring creativity, kingdom purpose, and personal transformation. His wealth of experience will empower your church, outreach events, corporate retreats, and creativity training. Please contact for more info.


Davy’s Speaking Topics


  1. “From The Lion King to The King of Kings” - for churches, outreach, conferences

  2. “Parenting a Diamond Child” - for parents, teachers, schools 

  3. “Connecting Creativity Within” - for schools, corporations, conferences

  4. “Story Driven Company” - for school, corporate businesses, associations, conferences

  5. "You Kendu It” - for youths, junior high/high schoolers, universities


Dorothy's 3rd grade teacher is not a nice woman and she discourages Dorothy creativity at every turn. It's been difficult school year.

Aww thank you so much!!
Happy that you're inspiring her.
Pamela S, Mission Viejo      
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