What makes Kendu Kids special?

We Inspire Creativity

Our belief is that everyone is creative. We tailor our classes as a safe space to inspire kids to be creative.

We Develop Self-Confidence

We let kids find their own “Aha!” moments with hands-on lessons, which develops self-confidence.

We Teach Team Values

Our lessons are formed around characters that teach teamwork, life lessons, and strong moral values.

Our mission is to help kids find their "Kendu" attitude.
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Meet Davy Liu

Inspiring TED speaker and Disney animator who teaches kids how to have fun

Davy has worked on your favorite characters from the Lion King, Aladdin, Star Wars, and more. His vast experience taught him that art can be an incredible way to empower young minds, and he set out on a mission to inspire kids with Kendu.

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A few places he's inspired:

What Parents are Saying

Davy has transformed my shy little
8 year old into an ‘I can do it!’ kid.

He's overcome his fear playing with the 5th grader soccer team.”
Brenda B, Mother of 2
Dorothy's 3rd grade teacher is not a nice woman and she discourages Dorothy creativity at every turn. It's been difficult school year.

Aww thank you so much!! Happy that you're inspiring her.
Pamela S, Mother of 2
Love Davy's class. Passionate, inspiring, entertaining, and educational lessons!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!
Diana W, Mother of 2
The kids are so excited that “Martha” the snail will he turned into an animation! We had so much fun watching this morning!

God bless you and all you are doing for bored kids during quarantine 🤪
Kris O, Mother of 2
An amazing birthday experience !

Such a fu , inspirational way of teaching kids to be themselves and draw :) She had the best ever experience... Davy is a true blessing to kids...
Monali R, Mother of 2
Davy’s workshops are amazing and we (both kid and parent) always have so much fun.

So inspired by his creativity and passion for art! Davy knows how to get kids excited and try new things.
Tammy T, Mother of 2

Our Kids' Priceless Reactions

Watch Caleb's Reaction when we transformed him into his favorite character, Sonic the Hedgehog

Once Caleb sees that he's been transformed into Sonic, he fell out of his chair, ran around the room, and even hit a few "dabs".


Live Stream:
Weekend Art Classes

Join Davy every Saturday as he tells funny stories while teaching your kids how to draw
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Feature your child
in a Kendu Show

We put the Spotlight on your child while Davy draws a special caricature and tells a special story

Applying is easy! Download & fill out this PDF and send it to davy@kendukids.org. We'll select a kid to feature in our live art classes every week.

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5-day Summer
Animation Workshop

Learn how Disney makes animated movies through a week of teamwork, leadership, and creativity!

June 8-12, $250 per family. Must have access to a computer with Zoom video conferencing. Designed for students 8+

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Please note that workshops are enrolled through KenduFilms.com, our sister prodiuction company

What is Kendu?

Kendu is a story about a fox.

He's a fox with a "Can-Do" attitude who embarks on an incredible journey with his furry friends.

Over the past 15 years, we've developed Kendu's coming-of-age story to help guide children through their own growth.

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