Our mission is to help kids find their "Kendu" attitude.

The Kendu Mission

Kendu Kids seeks to foster and facilitate traditional, virtuous and moral values among young children through art.

The Kendu Kids vision endeavors to benefit communities worldwide by pointing children toward ethical, honorable and loving behavioral patterns early in life, thereby equipping them for leadership that personifies awesome character and wholesome values.

We do this by creating vivid, emotional stories with beautiful animated artwork. Our stories capture the many coming-of-age moments that a kid will face in their development.

Kendu Kids aims to make fine arts education accessible by licensing, streaming, and distributing feature length animations, digital media, books, VBS experiences, children’s animation workshop programs, and more.

Our Beliefs

We believe that “wholesome” is awesome.

To this end, former Disney animator Davy Liu (credits include The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) has written an acclaimed series of five children's books entitled The Invisible Tails. Each book in the series tells a well known biblical story as seen from the animal kingdom's point of view.

Two additional books are in development now. All together, twelve books are slated for production as feature length animations produced to a prodigious level of excellence as represented by the best in children’s entertainment today.

Why Kendu?

Kendu is a fox with a "Can-Do" attitude who embarks on an incredible journey with his furry friends.

Over the past 15 years, we've developed Kendu's coming-of-age story to help guide children through their own growth.

Frequently asked questions

Are you a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization?

KenduKids is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. We are currently undergoing the application process to be a 501c3 Nonprofit organization. For more information about our current status, please contact Rick Dressler at rick@kendukids.org

How do I donate?

Whether you can donate a little or a lot, we want you to know that your funds will be used judiciously, specifically and with sincere gratitude. As a non-profit, KenduKids is supported by a team of generous volunteers. We all share your concerns for the recent decades of cultural and social breakdown. We are committed to turning about the ship by vigorously helping parents set a new course of traditional edutainment content for their children and their children's children. With your help, We-Kendu-it!And so can you and your children.

Thank you in advance for your considered support of KenduKids,a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. For more information about investment, please contact Rick Dressler at rick@kendukids.org

You Kendu It!