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Meet Davy Liu

Inspiring TED speaker and Disney animator who teaches kids how to have fun

Davy has worked on your favorite characters from the Lion King, Aladdin, Star Wars, and more. His vast experience taught him that art can be an incredible way to empower young minds, and he set out on a mission to inspire kids with Kendu.

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Watch Davy speak at P&G's innovation summit
Watch Davy's TED Talk (Mandarin)

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Here's what our parents think

Davy has transformed my shy little
8 year old into an ‘I can do it!’ kid.

He's overcome his fear playing with the 5th grader soccer team.”
Brenda B, Mother of 2
Dorothy's 3rd grade teacher is not a nice woman and she discourages Dorothy creativity at every turn. It's been difficult school year.

Aww thank you so much!! Happy that you're inspiring her.
Pamela S, Mother of 2
Love Davy's class. Passionate, inspiring, entertaining, and educational lessons!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!
Diana W, Mother of 2
The kids are so excited that “Martha” the snail will he turned into an animation! We had so much fun watching this morning!

God bless you and all you are doing for bored kids during quarantine 🤪
Kris O, Mother of 2
An amazing birthday experience !

Such a fu , inspirational way of teaching kids to be themselves and draw :) She had the best ever experience... Davy is a true blessing to kids...
Monali R, Mother of 2
Davy’s workshops are amazing and we (both kid and parent) always have so much fun.

So inspired by his creativity and passion for art! Davy knows how to get kids excited and try new things.
Tammy T, Mother of 2